We started small — with a single kit from our local Home Brew Store (HBS) which included two buckets and a simple dark recipe. The member who started us on our path is Eric, who lives in California.

He came up for the weekend, as he is want to do, and taught us how to brew.

Since then, we’ve expanded quite a bit and moved our initial full-batch capacity from 5 gallons to 37. And we keep on truckin’, trying to find ways to fund our homebrewing endeavors.

We try to help other people who want to start brewing. For free, of course. Otherwise, we feel, would be against the homebrewer’s ethos.

Three of us (Bryce, Wheeler and Leo) have started a homebrewing club here in Reno called the Nevada Homebrewers’ Club, which meets the first Saturday of the month. Come check it out!