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Limeade Wine

Limeade Wine

Today, Dec. 21, marked a great day. A day on which Bryce and I sampled the fruits of our and many a chemist’s labors. They were sweet, they were sour and smelled like ham. I had limeade in the refrigerator. We calculated out the amount of sugar we needed to add to get it up...
White Grapefruit -- Fermenting

White Grapefruit — Fermenting

Just as Bryce and I wanted to break out of the box by fermenting Hawaii’s Own, so too did we want to break out of the box, and possibly ferment it, when we decided to take on White Grapefruit Juice. Once again, we figured out how much sugar we needed to add to bring it...
Hawaii's Own -- Brewed!

Hawaii’s Own — Brewed!

Bryce and I decided that it was time to take some drastic action. Mainly, I’d picked up 16 carboys from a response to an ad on Craigslist and we wanted to start experimenting. For, we cannot become better brewers until we break out of our comfort zones, no? No matter. We figured out the needed...