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Secondarying Leo's Stout #2

Secondarying Leo’s Stout #2

We secondaried Leo’s Stout, batch #2. The grains and trub settled to the bottom and the yeast settled and compacted on top of it. We used Leo’s jacket to protect the carboy from sunlight and it seemed it deserved a hat. The stout provided a problem, however: it was primaried in the garage, which gets...
Leo's Stout Batch #2

Leo’s Stout Batch #2

Leo’s Stout #2, ┬áhas its genesis in the original stout we brewed. As you might imagine. This time, however, we boosted the batch size to around six gallons to take advantage of our 6.5 gallon glass carboy. Can you say blow-off tube? Because we have one. Oh yea. We feel pimpin’. Nay. We be pimpin’....