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AW #3C -- Bottled

AW #3C — Bottled

AW #3C was a first for us. We’d read that brown sugar gives a “cidery” taste to alcohol, so, we figured that we’d increase the sugar content of a cider, a 1 gallon batch, exclusively with brown sugar. AC #3C and AW #3 were taken out and taste tested at the exact same time and...
Apfelwein Batch #3C

Apfelwein Batch #3C

We did two things on October 14, 2011. We made a 5-gallon batch of Apfelwein with ale yeast (Nottingham) and we made a 1-gallon batch of Apfelwein with ale yeast in a carboy, exclusively with brown sugar. The 5-gallon batch was mixed with a majority corn sugar and a little brown sugar to finish out...