Apfelwein #1 Racked on Blackberries

We had blackberries, frozen, on hand. Apparently, much like the Python’s elderberries, they do not go well. Unlike our raspberry concoctions, the blackberry cider didn’t taste very good. It was always good enough to be drunk, but no more. We argued over who had to drink it. The label’s nice though. Just, we don’t make it… Continue reading Apfelwein #1 Racked on Blackberries

Apfelwein Batch #1 Racked on Raspberries

Our raspberry experiments are proving to be wildly succesful. Our first batch of raspberry racked cider, made with a wine yeast none-the-less, is all gone because it just tasted so damn delicious. It also made pretty pictures. We’re working on four gallons, but made with Nottingham Ale Yeast. Raspberries were boiled (12 oz. of raspberries… Continue reading Apfelwein Batch #1 Racked on Raspberries

Apfelwein #1 Racked on Cinnamon

We racked one gallon of AW #1 on top of cinnamon sticks that had been boiled in water. The taste is pleasant, mildly like Christmas. However, it doesn’t appear to heat well. We’ve bottled it still and it’s sitting in a 12-pack in our newly reorganized work room.

Apfelwein #1 (1/5): Bottled — Raspberry Liqueur Primer

Our very first cider, according to Ed Wort’s Apfelwein recipe, took awhile. And when we (Bryce, Leo and myself) found ourselves lacking an airlock (the bobber on the one we were supposed to use was missing) it was decided to steal one from one of the four Carlo Rossi carboys downstairs. Besides, we figured, the… Continue reading Apfelwein #1 (1/5): Bottled — Raspberry Liqueur Primer

Cider Batch 1: Update

The cider has begun to clear. How cool is that? Look!:   This Cider Batch: Cider: Batch 1 Cider #1 (1/5): Bottled — Raspberry Liqueur Primer Tag: http://brew.wheelerc.org/tag/AW-batch-1/   

Cider: Apfelwein Batch #1

Cider caught my attention because of the seeming ease. But really, this isn’t what grabbed me. What grabbed me was and is and will remain cliché. European ciders grabbed me. A small brewery in Germany grabbed me with its local ciders and its deposit-required grolsch-tops. All manner of ciders in Eastern Europe, in Western Europe,… Continue reading Cider: Apfelwein Batch #1